Milk Chocolates

When the sharp bitter taste of chocolate is complemented with the rich and creamy texture of milk, the amazing version of milk chocolates is created. Eliciting delectable pleasure in every bite, the unique collection of Mayfield milk chocolates features the classic Australian ingredients.

To celebrate a gleeful event with friends & family or to find solace after an infuriating hectic day or to simply enjoy the moments of life, grab a slab of chocolate & a smile and suddenly everything feels much better & brighter. At Mayfield Chocolates, the quality of resources & the production procedure is never compromised and thus how we offer what we believe to be one of the best milk chocolates online.

Sprinkled with crunchy nuts, resins & other rare fruits, Mayfield Chocolates proudly presents some of the best milk chocolates online such as Olympic Spirit (Pecan nut gianduja with crispy rice), Sailing Tropicale (Queensland pineapple ganache in milk chocolate) and many as such. So, if you are looking to be merrily surprised, try one of the milk chocolate creations from our lavish ensemble.

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