Chocolate Truffles

Some pleasures in life cannot be defined, they can only be experienced; such as the delectable taste of our chocolate truffles. These small spheres of chocolates are filled with finest quality Australian wines and rums as well as nuts and fruits; every bite of these melt- in-mouth truffles chocolate is like an explosion of bold, intricate and delightful flavours.

Chocolate making is an art perfected over years with great skill, dedication and passion. Mastering that craft since 1993, the chocolatiers at Mayfield Chocolates in Brisbane have introduced eclectic flavours featuring very distinct and rare Australian ingredients, making our chocolates uniquely delicious. Our collection of dark chocolate truffles will make a perfect gift for your loved ones or you can buy a box of truffles chocolate for yourself to indulge your senses in some real pleasure anytime, anywhere.

The diverse assortment of truffles chocolate consists of Easter Hot Cross Truffle (infused with dark fruity plum and port), Torrens Truffle (plum and South Australian port ganache wrapped in dark chocolate), Country Life Truffle (honey cream truffle rolled in cocoa) and many other unique creations. So, if you feel like feasting on some delicious chocolates, buy our chocolate truffles online or please visit our stores at Toowong and Spring Hill in Brisbane...only from Mayfield Chocolates!

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