Dark Chocolates

It is often said, buying a box of chocolates is like buying a box of happiness, and we couldn’t agree more. That amazing sweet-bitter taste emphasized with a special note of rum, fruits or nuts is like composing a perfect rhapsody of flavours for the senses.

Enriched with the favourite flavours of Australia, Mayfield Chocolates offer a huge assortment of dark chocolates online in Brisbane and nearby suburbs. Combining the finest ingredients with detailed modern techniques, every bite of our dark chocolates is sure to envelop you and your taste buds in delicious pleasure.

Even though all chocolates are made from cocoa bean products like cocoa butter and cocoa paste, one brand of chocolate can taste quite different from another. It is the use of distinct ingredients in the chocolate mix that procures that unique and memorable flavour.

Since 1993, Mayfield Chocolates has always aimed at showcasing the bountiful tastes and flavours of Australia. After experimenting over the years, we have finally introduced a diverse range of dark chocolates online in Brisbane that features the exceptional taste of Australia. Rosella Red (tart rosella in rich dark chocolate), Fruity Barossa (South Australian brandy & sultana added in rich dark chocolate), Dark Thoroughbred (Plum & port mixed in dark chocolate) and many such remarkable flavours of dark chocolates can be explored in our collection of , what we believe to be the best dark chocolates available online.

Buy dark chocolates online or visit our store in Brisbane to experience a true chocolate fantasy imbued with all those familiar flavours that bring back the memories of the good old times.

So, all the chocoholics out there... are you ready to plunge into our world of rich dark chocolates?

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