Be it small or big, special occasions in life need to be celebrated and what better way to celebrate than being with family and friends sharing a lavish treat of wine and chocolates. But for many the most enjoyable taste experience is when the subtle flavour of wine is mingled with the velvety texture of chocolate to create the most delicious range of alcoholic chocolates.

At Mayfield Chocolates, we use the finest quality port wines, rum and brandy coupled with crunchy nuts and juicy fruits to achieve the perfect balance of flavours.

With decades of experience and expertise as chocolatiers, Mayfield Chocolates proudly offers the widest range of alcohol chocolates currently available both online at our stores in Toowong and Spring Hill in Brisbane. A perfect gift to your loved ones or a luxurious treat for yourself, Mayfield Chocolates come in different tempting options to select from: Bushranger’s Dream (Queensland rum and sultana ganache dipped in dark chocolate), Mariner’s Mirage (brandy, port and pecan praline infused with a dark chocolate ganache) and many other unique flavours can be tasted in our varied collection of alcohol chocolates. So please view our liquor chocolates online or visit our stores in Brisbane anytime you want to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

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