White Chocolates

Richly crafted with cocoa butter, milk and other essentials procured from the lush nature, the collection of Mayfield white chocolates is a remarkable alternative for those chocolate lovers who are looking for a twist of taste.

People say, when life happens, chocolate helps! Staying true to that belief, at Mayfield Chocolates, we have always served what we believe to be one of the best white chocolates available online in Brisbane, so whatever your mood or situation is, you can always find comfort in our delicious chocolates. Featuring crunchy nuts, sweet & sour fruits and luxurious wines that are native to Australia, the range of white chocolates are created from fine quality produce. At Mayfield Chocolates, we have always made it our priority to maintain the genuine taste and flavour of chocolates, so they always “Taste 100% real”.

The wide assortment of white chocolates sold online in Brisbane consists of Rainforest Macadamia (infused with Australian lemon myrtle & macadamia praline), Citrus Orchard (orange & lemon ganache in white chocolate), Cappuccino (chocolate ganache in white chocolate) and many such unique creations. So, whenever you feel like drowning in the rich, velvety taste of chocolates, buy white chocolate online in Brisbane…only from Mayfield Chocolates!

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