Over 645,000,000,000 chocolate combinations!

The chocolate box with an amazing 645,000,000,000+ assortments! Made in our chocolate factory in Brisbane.

Yes, that’s over 645 billion assortments in our 16 piece gift box. (OK, that's an American billion, and 645 thousand million in UK speak.)

Hard to believe?

Then prove that there aren’t that many, (we think it’s impossible) and win your own weight in top quality chocolate couverture - dark or milk.

Not a mathematical type? Then just choose your very own unique combination 16 piece (or 32 piece) gift box using our Pack Your Own Box feature, or instore.

(A) Compose your mathematical proof. (Your proof should assume a 16 piece box with 30 different types of chocolates to choose from. Chocolates can be packed in any combination from all one flavour only, to every one a different flavour, as if choosing from a Mayfield Chocolates counter. Once the chocolates for a particular box are selected, it doesn’t matter how they are arranged in the box.

(B) Include your name and address on the entry form - DOWNLOAD FORM HERE -

(C) Attach to your entry a receipt for a purchase of Mayfield Chocolates.

(D) Send entry to address below.
(E) See conditions of entry*.

Conditions of Entry
*1.This competition is a test of skill, not a game of chance. It is conducted by Mayfield Chocolates.
2. Send entry with name and address to: or Mayfield Chocolates, PO Box 2643 Southport Qld Australia 4215
3. Each valid entry will be evaluated by Bond University and the first entry accepted by the University as a valid proof contrary to the Mayfield Chocolates proof and found by Mayfield Chocolates to comply with all entry conditions and instructions shall be declared a winner. The decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
4. The winner will be advised by email or post no later than sixty days from receipt of entry.
5. The winner’s weight will be assessed by Mayfield Chocolates within thirty days of advice of the win, at which time proof of identity will be required from the winner. (No fatter friends, please.) (We thought about also requiring proof of identity after the bodyweight of chocolate had been eaten, but decided not to…)
6. The winner may choose between dark or milk solid chocolate drops.
7. Each entry must be accompanied by a purchase receipt from Mayfield Chocolates.
8. The competition is open as long as it is advertised on our website - (which may be forever, because we believe we are right - nyaah nyaah nyaah).