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At Mayfield Chocolates, we are fortunate enough to receive compliments about our chocolates every business day. These days, Reviews are made on social media sites, but we also receive written compliments by email (and in the old days, post) and a few of them are reproduced here. 

For privacy reasons, names and addresses have been truncated or deleted, (with the exception of retailer and corporate customers). 
No testimonial is by any Mayfield staff member or relative. However, radio interviews typically include a (named) staff member.

Shop customer Mum
"I use the selection sheet as an incentive for the children." This mum explained that she has the Mayfield Chocolates selection sheet on the door of the fridge at home. When one of the children deserves a reward, he/she gets to circle a chocolate. Mum then buys it next time she's in.

Yayoiko W. - Japan
Ihave them all to myself.Mayfield Chocolates is so much better than Godiva! (Nov 2014. Yayoiko supplied picture of 
Mayfield handbag box and chocolates with tea presentation.)

Facebook comment (May 2014)
"I'm pretty sure you can get arrested for making chocolates this good. :)" Terry

"We learned our lesson!" (Jul 2013)
A customer reported she and her husband visited Sydney near Circular Quay. They bought a well known brand of imported chocolates from an attractive looking establishment. However, they were "really sweet and sickly" and not what they expected. "Then we realised that we were used to Mayfield Chocolates, which are so much better. We learnt our lesson: we won't be buying chocolates in Sydney any more."

Radio Interview 96.5FM (March 2013)
Hilarious - listen as 3 DJs attempt to guess chocolate flavours on air >> listen | download broadcast here [ mp3 | 2.9mb ]

'Weekend Notes' article (August 2011)
A well researched, well written article, complete with pictures, from a customer who writes for Weekend Notes. Click here to access.

A possum connoisseur (April 2011)
An amusing true story from a Brisbane lady... who said she'd bought a 4 piece gift box and taken it home. She ate two chocolates, closed the box and left it on a bench.

During the night, at about 2am, the lady heard a loud racket from an intruder in the house. She warily ventured out from her room and found that the culprit was a possum which had been moving about, knocking things over. It was sitting on the bench, bold as brass, with chocolate all around its mouth! The possum had neatly opened the box with its paws and helped itself to the remaining chocolates, after entering through a high open window.

Email from Event Planner 
" Being one of the biggest chocolocholics(sic) in the world, it is a very big call for me to say that Mayfield Chocolates is by far the best chocolate I have experienced in my life. The quality of the ingredients far exceeds the other chocolate brands on the market, and it is great to see a chocolateir(sic) so dedicated to providing a range of pralines that showcase the native flavours of Australia with such quality. My belief is that everybody should experience the taste pleasure of Mayfield chocolates, and that Mayfield chocolates should be a must-do experience for anyone visiting from overseas as they provide a great showcase to the native flavours of Australia. I cannot recommended(sic) Mayfield Chocolate's(sic) enough!"

Happy new years and I wish you all the best in 2011!
Kind Regards, Kim 

In-store (Spring Hill, Brisbane) customer comment...
I travel around Australia a lot and buy chocolates in many locations, but I keep coming back to Mayfield Chocolates - nothing I've found seems to match them.
Mackay Qld resident (Mackay is 950km north of Brisbane)

Radio Interview 4BC
Featuring live chocolate appreciation by the announcer during a Mayfield Chocolates interview...
>> listen | download broadcast here [ mp3 | 7mb ]
(6 April 2009)

Email from gift recipient...
Good evening,
I was given a Christmas gift via my workplace [employer]. The little pack of Florentines.
I am rarely surprised these days, however I must tell you just how delightful they were.Quite exceptional in fact!
I shared the last one with my son tonight and we enjoyed them with a very good cup of coffee.
Please accept our congratulations on just how lovely they are.
As the biggest chocoholic in the world that is a compliment indeed.
I also want to say that I have not heard of Mayfield Chocolates before and I seriously want to know why I have not.
[My employer] could not have chosen better... and Aussie too.
Kind regards

Email from retailer...
I have been a wholesale customer of Mayfield Chocolates for almost 7 years. I have consistently found Peter and his team to be bright and friendly, enormously helpful and justifiably proud of their products. Their chocolates are amazing, and my customers were constantly delighted by the quality. Just as importantly, Peter gave us his full support and always helped with our merchandising, reordering, seasonal products and point-of-sale displays. He spent time with myself and my staff to ensure we understood the product, how to display them, how to sell them and how to package them in his elegant chocolate boxes. He always made our chocolates fresh to order, and would monitor our sales of each item - suggesting improvements in our product range and ensuring our stock levels were perfect: not running out of a particular chocolate, but keeping the chocolates fresh by not storing them too long. Mayfield's have vast experience in packaging and transporting their chocolates and ours always arrived in perfect condition. These unique chocolates were a anice little add-on sale for most of my customers, making them well worth stocking. I commend Mayfield Chocolates to any other retailer without hesitation.
Thank you for all your support Peter and the Team at Mayfields!
Cindy Walker, former Proprietor of Batavia, South Brisbane.

Card from gift recipient...
Thank you very much for those extraordinarily fine chocolates. They are without doubt the best chocolates I have ever tasted.
Nov. 2008

Email from new Gold Coast retailer...
We have had a number of people ask about the chocolate over the weekend and when we tell them we will be stocking Mayfield, they get quite excited. Your reputation is excellent (but of course you know that).
Kind regards

Event - Henderson Matusch Chocolate Appreciation Presentation - comments from audience members...
- Yummy and extremely interesting.
- Really yummy and informative.
- Very interesting and newsworthy, enjoyable and yummy.
- Excellent - the light-hearted ending was good.
- Great chocolates.
- Sensational and surprisingly informative.
- Very interesting - quality chocolates.
- Quite an interesting topic and obviously a very knowledgeable presenter passionate about his trade.
- Beautiful - very informative and I learned a lot about chocolate.
- It was fantastic! Yummy, yummy, yummy - he knows a lot, is passionate and got me to enjoy chocolate!
- A lot of fun.
- Great - very informative and loved the samples.
- Very in-depth; an enthusiastic speaker.
- Informative and tasty.
- Long but good; quite funny and entertaining.
- Interesting as well as delicious.
- Excellent!

Letter from retailer...
I .. hope you don't mind me taking this opportunity to retell a delightful scene in our shop last Friday. [D] is a learned and well-traveled (sic) Professor of English literature. Now in his 80's, he has a keen mind and a very gentle nature. Late in the afternoon, he came into our shop and said:
"I have one complaint about these Mayfield Florentines! They are too perfect. In fact" he proclaimed, "give me three more packets so I can attempt to find the imperfect one!"
This of course led to a protracted discussion on Plato's realm of the ideal, and the old professor left our shop brandishing his 3 packets of Florentines, which he announced to new customers entering the store - were indisputably the best Florentines in time and space...
M&L, retailer

Letter from Japanese customer...
When I went to Gold Coast Australia on honeymoon in this September, I bought "Mayfield Chocolates" and bring them home in Japan. And we (with my husband) ate them, talking that we have never had such great tasty chocolates.
So we hope that we could have them from now on.
We hope your success from Japan.

Dear Peter & Danica
We loved your chocolates which were a gift this week. They are superior to the imported which we usually buy. Do any stores in Sydney stock yours?...
MG Castle Hill